What we do

Schönau farm playgroup is for children aged 3 years until the start of mandatory kindergarden. We meet in a safe environment on an organic farm. Throughout your child’s time with us they will learn to nurture and care for our animals. Together we take care of cows, donkeys, chicken’s. We harvest fruit, tender to our garden, observe the miracle of nature and play. Learning and experiencing our environment in a fun and playful manner is our main focus.

Each child can decide what activities to participate in. He/she experiences their own boundaries and decides their level of involvement. The children learn in a safe environment their first steps away from their parents/carers and gain first experiences on their own outside of their home. They learn to find their place within a group, learn respect for animals, nature, peers and adults but also confidence within themselves, listening and helping others. Although the children are given the freedom to explore their surroundings there are rules within the playgroup that they are to follow. Both Angela and Jenna will be present at all times to help guide the children and ensure their individual needs and safety are met.



Saturday 16th March 2024 10am – 1pm

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“There are two thing’s children should get from their parents: roots and wings” (J.W von Goethe)


Every Monday morning (with Angela and Jenna)

Every Tuesday Morning (with Angela and Jenna)

08.30 - 11.30

We follow the Bezirk Höfe school holiday plan.

“A child’s way of understanding the world is through play.” (Maxim Gorki)

“Help me to do things by myself.
Show me how it is done.
Don’t do it for me.
I can and want to do it myself.
Be patient to understand my ways.
They might be longer,
and I might need to try more often.
But allow me to work hard and make mistakes
that I can learn from.”

(Maria Montessori)

Who are we?

Angela Arragain

Kindergarden and Primary School Teacher
Playgroup Leader (Diploma from IG Spielgruppen GmbH)
Two children

Jenna Siegmann

Higher level Diploma in Childcare and Education
English teacher in a bilingual kindergarten in Frankfurt
Former childminder
Former children`s Representative and Nursery Nurse in charge for TUI
Two children

Angela 079 / 648 72 28
Jenna 079 / 936 57 51

"Lots of little people in lots of little places doing lots of things
will change the face of this earth. "


We charge 12 Francs per hour per child.

Please find further information in our Terms and Conditions



Burehof Spielgruppe Schönau Schindellegistrasse 44 8832, Wollerau

Meeting point: Carpark Freizeitpark Erlenmoos Wollerau

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